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The Trailer

Pictures from the Set

A New Comedy Series with Songs!

10 Episodes  * 14 Original Songs
So many amazing guest stars from stage & screen!

The Story

Sami is a short form comedy series that follows a young actress in NYC as she navigates through her wacky daily life routine of auditioning, temp jobs, performing, dating and all of life's adventures with the support from her BFF Sammy, and her family - especially her Mom and Grandma. Sami the series is a throwback to the time when sitcoms were endearing and funny.  There's an original song(s) in every episode.  This season is filled with lots of Tony Award winners, Tony Award nominees and Broadway stars!

Our Season Regulars

Sami 1 IMG_9881.jpg

as Sami Sherman

as Grandma

as Mom

as Sammy Bazzy

Bruce Closer 1 IMG_4832.png

A Note from Bruce Kimmel

In creating Sami, I wanted a throwback to the sitcoms I loved, where the characters were likeable, the situations were fun, no through-line from episode to episode, and I also wanted music to be integral to the show. As an actor, I was lucky enough to guest star on an awful lot of classic comedy shows in the 1970s and that’s where my heart lies. I also was determined to bring back physical comedy, which I also love. I created the show for Sami Staitman, a young actor I’d been working with since she was twelve. Hearing her tales of auditions and struggles in New York, that seemed like the natural way into the show, kind of a That Girl for now. I knew there’d only be four main characters – her BFF, her Mom, and her Grandmother. I wrote the latter two roles for the actors who play them – the wonderful Kerry O’Malley as her mom, and the legendary Cindy Williams as her Grandma. Cindy, who sadly passed away just three months after we wrapped shooting, has been one of my closest friends since college and she stars in both of my films and we did a lot of TV together. So, I hope people will enjoy the show, the characters, the comedy, and the songs.

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